duminică, 30 septembrie 2012

Big baby steps

...this may seem like a panic attack,but it's actually not.At least,I hope it isn't.Maybe I just need to adapt a little more before I actually start freaking out.Just like a wild animal brought to the zoo,right?Bad analogy,though...accurate.Currently,I'm having second thoughts and trouble breathing and I'm feeling very homesick.Yes,I know!It's too damn soon for this,but...Alas!Can't command my heart anymore than I can the weather.I already miss so many things that it isn't even funny.Regardless,it could have been way worse-way worse!Comforting thoughts,right?Oh,poor me,poor old me...It's all so very weird and out of place and unfamiliar and damaging and draining and I need to get some sleep.A little forced numbness will (probably) cure my crazy nerves.After all,big day tomorrow!First day of university!Big baby steps,love,big baby steps...

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