marți, 8 octombrie 2013

All over again

Dear self,

         Why?You know it's not worth it,none of it is worth it.Not your health,not your fading sanity,not your fleeting happiness.The only thing beyond repair is death,remember that.You'll grow wise and silly one day,you'll be able to truly laugh at your own mistakes,you'll find someone to love you for all your infinities.If not,you'll learn to love yourself and make the best out of this finite world.
         You don't need pity and you sure as Hell don't gloat on envy.Let this sink in and hold on to its shipwreck: you're imperfect and that's alright.Your beautiful family will always be there for you and true friends will find a way to find you underneath your stealthy layers and there's not a single reason for you not to be alive.
          It feels like Hell all over again for some reason?Then walk on flames and don't be afraid to reach out for your own version of Heaven.Screw their conventions!Screw their disbelief!Screw everything and anything that makes you feel less than the person you really are,even if that person is yourself!Life is meant for living and you deserve to do it your way.
          Make boys wonder.Make girls question.Make yourself believe you're worth everything you never allowed yourself to believe.Take a deep breath.Count to ten.Let go.That's it.The past is yours,the present is yours,the future is yours.

With love,
that part of you that smiled today

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