miercuri, 16 octombrie 2013

Caged in clothes

there are days when I just want
to rip my clothes off
and breathe

this fabric is a cage held together
by threaded shackles
and fitted lies

breasts pushed against ribs,ankles reduced
to twigs,a painfully hidden waist-
am I merely this?

rejected flesh that must feel shame
behind a burlesque curtain
crafted by society?

I want my skin to be a blessing,
not a reason to retreat
inside a sweater

I want to wear thin air
around my body and never worry
about bloodshot eyes

I want to release myself from
the elastic band view I've become
too numb to reject

my blisters are witnesses,
my red-branded body
stands as palpable proof

there are days when I just crave
to burn my clothes
and run

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