joi, 3 octombrie 2013

Get me home!

It's like an itch you can't scratch,but you know you'll soon be able to and merely the thought of that relief brings you a sad amount of joy.No,I don't have an embarrassing rash,just a knack for very visual analogies.Anyway,today was the big day!
I am home.You can all be relieved,I'm safe and sound and fairly sane.First things first:school kinda doesn't really suck,though I already regret saying these words.The only disadvantages are that it is so freaking far away and ridiculously demanding and,well,
Long story short,our ride took forever to arrive where needed,I was on the run all day (therefore sleepy as heck) and it's so damn cold outside that I would sacrifice my first unborn child for this weather to just cut us some slack already!But I shouldn't be complaining anymore because I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.
I ate dinner with my folks,I showered my cats/kittens with so many kisses that I'm bound to be coughing up hairballs for the rest of the week and,I kid you not,I literally smooched my mattress.Laugh all you want,but I know I'll be weeping for my back by the end of the "academic year".
All in all,I'm glad to be where I feel like I belong and I'm ready to make the most out of these coming few days.
Home,sweet home...

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