marți, 1 octombrie 2013

Second rainy year

A bed of nails would have been softer,though this nocturnal symphony couldn't have been less burlesque.
The first coffee of the month in a mug adorned with blood red hearts-oh,how ironic!
The never-ending question of "what to wear today" meets a rainy street and a lazy subject.
Waiting for the right hour,waiting for the right perfume,waiting for another ride on the subway-what a load of "dead" time!
My second year of college began with a noisy hallway,administrative matters,(un)friendly colleagues,a dubious cluster of "why?"s and so much more rain than I would have bargained for.
It feels the same,but I know it's kinda different and I don't know what to make of that.
Impatience really helped me build up an appetite today-too bad my dinner had such a gloomy background.
I can't stop thinking about home because I have absolutely nothing to do and everything useful reminds me of that sign with the name of my hometown plastered onto it a few hundred meters from where I stand.
I can just hear my mother scolding me for being such an "ungrateful baby",but that's all in my head and I'd rather be hearing it from her own mouth.
Fantasy can be a good cure for aching hearts,I'll give you that.Cute boys also help.
I'll drink my strawberry tea and just...hope for the best.A second time around.

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