vineri, 25 octombrie 2013

All the (?) reasons

I don't know,man,we're just so damn...evil.I mean,it's like we're constantly elbowing and pinching each other for a little more space and a chance to move ahead in an imaginary line.Has the world gotten smaller without my knowing?Because it sure feels like it.
I'm not like that.At least,I'd like to think that I'm not.One of these days,I'm going to get trampled to bits by a thousand little feet and my lack of revolt towards that image concerns me.
I'm not one to push people aside or try to prove I'm better because I know the truth to be otherwise.I lack spirit,one might say.
Being at home makes me realize even more how much my life philosophy will eventually backfire.The present is never stable and that's a mighty shame.But I don't care now.
I'm in a blissful "Friday night" mood that includes warm coffee,fantastic kittens and the most welcomed comfort of my own bed.That's enough to make me temporarily forget.Forgive...hardly.I can't forgive my race for not living up to its name nor can I forgive myself for becoming somebody I'd pity.So,you see,life is still awfully complicated.
Even so,it's quiet and peaceful tonight,so I can allow myself to dream "at full speed".I only pray that I never hurt others as much as others have hurt me...
I wish I could make this planet bigger.

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