miercuri, 13 noiembrie 2013

A spiral within

"falling is just like flying..."

the sheets are pushing me out of bed
and into the arms of a dead book
that comes alive beneath my glassy eyes
and into hands which smell of coffee perfume

no matter how much I conquer,
earth still sprouts from within and leaps
to lengths I cannot encompass without the price
of weary blood and sacrifice

these days are raw like apple seeds
being crunched between the teeth
of endless steel days and twisted nights
that bear children of disfigured fright

the moments when I feel like caving in
are those when clocks are stapled onto my eyelids
and my limbs become useless stems
that cannot blossom into eternity

a spiral within my skull digs into dust
and torments rust because nobody told me
that I should love myself too,
that I should always yell the smothering truth

I can feel trees growing green within
my skeleton and crowded voices
pushing through the abyss of the night-
I'm alive,I can breathe,I see

"...except there's a more permanent destination"

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