duminică, 17 noiembrie 2013

Rushed memories

I don't ever want to get up,I don't want to leave this bed,you can't make me.
If my body is happy,then I can try to be too.
I've given up on trying to accomplish anything around here when I understood that this is my time,not theirs.
A delicious cup of coffee to make time flow slowly and attract greedy kittens.
Why can't we all be happy like this everyday?
So much to do,so little motivation,oh so very dear music as background.
Lemon bathtub,dusty mirror,silver bed.
I don't think I'll ever run out of books to read and carry.
Sometimes,I feel so calm that I even scare myself.
No matter how rushed my memories might be,there are some that forever stand still: luminous meals in the kitchen,warm family smiles,the green hallway which allows my feet to wander throughout so many years gone by.
It's always hard to say "goodbye!",regardless of how many times I've done it before.
Sea foam ticket,blue train,violet skyline.
I can taste blood in my mouth-why do I taste blood in my mouth?
I'm utterly tired of seeing pretty boys that are as fleeting in my life and these weekends.
A long,dark trip into the night.
Luggage,why are you so heavy?
Room,roommate,too much room for college work.
Music is a drug not worth giving up.
I really want to change my faith,but I don't know where to begin.
My lack of willingness will certainly backfire soon.
Blink and it's already gone.

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