marți, 19 noiembrie 2013

Coffee-stained hands

Jumping out of bed in the morning would be useful if not taken so seriously and literally by my damned mattress.
Preparing two coffees in the morning is oddly satisfying on a Tuesday.
Who would have thought English could be such a tedious language around the wrong people...Oh,the bittersweet irony of it all!
Cold steps,endless books,justified gossip-college is not what they portray in the movies,kids!
I'm awake and I'm still somewhat sane-that's all that matters right now.
Spending time with my friends is positively lovely,but this stubborn cold wind insists on turning a short walk into a freezing trial!
You never understand how much you depend on your body until you're utterly famished and exhausted.
My brain won't stop reading imaginary books in my sleep and my head just doesn't want to let go of a damned headache.
One day,I'll grow weary of my books and bloody burn them-oh,wait...
Strawberry tea to make the bitterness of these pills fade away.
No matter how tired I am,silly cat videos never fail to make me laugh.
Can I go home now,please?
I remember my peace of mind like it was never.
I have pictures to remind me of what I love and music to help me feel properly.

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