miercuri, 6 noiembrie 2013

Bursting temples

sometimes,I feel like I need to hold
my head together with my hands,
so that it doesn't painfully blossom
into a crimson lotus flower

my life is a sacrifice I lay at the feet
of those who bear the blood of my destiny,
yet the gods aren't pleased with this
vapid mockery and punish me

and punished I am,in silent glory:
blood bursts,skin knowingly contorts,
temples drum the march of insanity-
my being rebels against me

am I to die?today or tomorrow or
at the end of a road I never chose
and,given the choice,never would follow?
selfish fear,seeping into my every bone and crevice...

it's embarrassing,this flushing wave
of backing steps in front of a desired
outcome of truly closed eyelids-
my head,my skull,my flaming brain!

a systematic lie that builds
an empire out of a divine cell,
only to let it rust and rot when faced
with the inevitable outcome of the end

sometimes,I feel like I need to hold
my body together with a pagan prayer,
so that it doesn't permanently end
with a red-stained feather

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