joi, 28 noiembrie 2013

Colder winds

the colder winds have come to settle
and my limbs are numb like twigs
and hurt with purple

winter reminds me of blue and death
and how,by living,I'm only being drawn
nearer to the end

the lovers on my mind are ghosts
made up of haze and lust,
songs of a life built upon ashes

why are these streets so noisy?
why am I only bones and feelings?
why do I bleed...

if I cry,it's not a daughter of sadness,
but a healthy son of wrath
and perpetual organic consternation

I want to be a character in a book
with black covers and golden writing
and passions beyond hope

I'm shivering in my coat because
my flesh has forgotten how
human warmth can heal

my I.V. is constantly pumping
hopes and illusions I grow
at the back of my swollen brain

the colder winds have come to settle
and my being craves to surrender
in the hands of inertia

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