luni, 4 noiembrie 2013

Human piñata

Everybody wants something from everybody.That's why we're never content,never comfortable in a moment in time.
Today was a most ordinary day in a most ordinary existence.Yet I felt like I was being constantly pushed from one responsibility to another,never finishing what I've started and never quite drawing a new beginning.
It's always hectic when I have to go from here to there,but I sometimes feel people are taking advantage of my "kindness" more than I could ever sustain.Add to that a cluster of thorny questions about everything and a mind that's adrift most of the time and you'll get the human piñata I'm embodying right now.
I think there's been a mistake at some universal level: I never asked for any of this.You should have left me be a speck of dust...
My happiness depends on so little,yet it can be taken away with a single strike."Myself" means nothing,but others seem to value it,so I must too.I wish to find answers,but I'm afraid to run after them.I open my eyes to the future and see a full week,void tasks and pages that will someday leave me blind.
Maybe I'd gather the courage to change my faith if I knew what to change it for.Maybe Monday night isn't the best time for philosophical questions...
It hurts before it has happened.

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