sâmbătă, 16 noiembrie 2013


Just this once,stop.Please.Let my lungs take in the scenery and my bones crash for a while.
You know how much I like it here and how much I depend on these couple of days to get me through the week.Yes,it's already winter and you're terribly busy,but understand that I've been basically thrown into this existence and I'm still finding my way through it.
Give me...well,give me yourself.Give me your lazy mornings and coffee-stained cups and warm smelling sheets.Give me a cold walk around town and a caring father and my favorite coconut filled sweets.Give me lazily spent days and smooth pumpkin and silly kittens.Give me a sinking afternoon and a creamy cup of oblivion and grandma's funny jokes.Give me a clear conscience and white orchids and a brother who's so endearing when he thinks he's being a smartypants.Give me musical entertainment and peaceful rooms and a mother-daughter relationship like the one we painted tonight.Give me tender exhaustion and careless dreams and great expectations.Give yourself to me like I am forced to give myself to you.
It's not easy being mortal,if you care to know.There's always so much anxiety and pressure to be and do everything that one sometimes fails.
So be kind.Kiss me gently on the cheek and promise me you'll slow down.Especially when I'm happy and unafraid to feel it wholeheartedly.

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