sâmbătă, 30 noiembrie 2013

Can I live like this forever?

Why would I voluntarily leave this bed?Why would I ever?!
Dad's cooking wins all the awards in my eyes.
Though it appears Hell froze over and has now resurfaced, a small "business" trip becomes more than lovely with the right company.
I just have the silliest smile on my face sometimes...
Strangers giving you compliments are today's angels.
Buying stuff for others makes me happier than buying them for myself.
These cats and kittens of mine are just the funniest and fluffiest and most adorable beings on the face of the Earth.
How can a dog have such human eyes?
I'll never love another garden as much as I love mine,that of my childhood and bright memories.
Having dinner with my family in the kitchen (a proper one!) is probably the highlight of my week.
I am perfectly aware that I'm not doing anything college related right now and,honestly,I couldn't give a flying duck about it.
Milky coffee,playful furballs,cozy blanket,good TV shows,gorgeous music,personal and private room-have you ever heard of a more selfish Paradise?
Not to jinx it,but I think I'm actually happy right now.
If I can go another night without nightmares,then this is going to be one triumphant weekend...

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