sâmbătă, 9 noiembrie 2013

Take a break

My spine is grateful for a bed that doesn't crack and moan each time I twist and turn.
Waking up to a nice breakfast and milky coffee is definitely worth the ride.
That brief moment of panic when you think about your daily chores,only to realize in relief that you have none.
A warm blanket,two fluffy kittens,three souls that right now haven't got a care in the world.
I watch scary TV shows in the middle of the day because I'm badass like that.
Being here makes me put things into perspective and conclude that I'm bound together solely by memories and raw dirt.
This might be the only meal of the week I actually enjoy.
I'm reading and I'm learning and I want this moment to forever freeze in time.
You can sometimes be so mean,but guess what?So can I.It hurts like Hell,but so can I.
Music has become both my steady rock and my ocean to drown in when needed.
I never understood the pleasure of wandering from room to room until recently.
Routine can be such a blessed thing!
To loathe or to love apples?
Seeing people have a genuine purpose in life gives me a small spark of hope.
Laughing with dad is the best medicine in the world.
When I can't fight anymore,I smile and walk away.
One more episode,I promise!
I feel drowsy and a pleasant ache is seeping into my bones.
Let's call it a day...

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