sâmbătă, 2 noiembrie 2013

Today,it doesn't matter

Today,it doesn't matter how many pages I read or what I learn to be above the cut or even how much I please others.Today,I'm selfish and focused on healing my unseen wounds.Today,I'm dedicated to drinking coffee and watching TV and generally not giving a single fudge.
I won't allow myself to feel guilty or have second thoughts about it all.No,I'm fed up with this life,I do need an occasional break from myself,full stop and start again.What for,anyway?
No,rest assured,we're not opening that vault again,not a chance.And it's nice,you know.Taking each moment as it comes,not clinging to it,not mourning its loss before its practical birth.
I got to actually taste my food and actually see what's in front of me on the screen and actually talk to the people around me.Why breed sorrow when I know that,at heart,I'm silly and sometimes hopeful?
The environment helps,too.Maybe it's too ingrained in my being to ever leave behind.Fingers crossed...
Anyway,it worked out beautifully,though selfishness tends to make me a bit bitchy.Yeah,sorry about that...I'm only human.I can both curse and bless.
Today,I was blessed.Today,I smiled.Today,I am.I'm willing to lose today in order to gain it.

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