duminică, 24 noiembrie 2013

Family celebrations

My spine could kiss this mattress.
A lovely meal with lovely people is sickeningly lovely,as you can imagine.
Kitty,it's not like I need those college courses,so chew away!
Do you remember acting like a spoiled child,without actually being rude?Ah,sweet memories from 5 minutes ago...
The cold is settling in,but I've got my blanket and my cats,so I'm good.
Grandma's joy upon seeing me safe and sound at home is my joy as well.
I can't remember the last time I watered some plants.
Not even kings have had such feasts,I can assure you of that.
Surprising mom with a handful of books for her birthday (a day early) has left me with the memory of her shocked face and scolding kisses("Why didn't you show them to me on Friday?I could have read one by now!").
Should I read or should I take a nap after all this cake?Like it's even a question...
I can feel the little ones having a race with their soft paws behind my back and I can't help but smile.
Milky coffee,a comfy bed, "The Lone Ranger",mom next to me-I would like to celebrate like this every single day,please!
Tomorrow will most definitely be a rough day,but the future always exhausts me and I'd rather live for now now.
False studying and complaining over the phone-just like old times!
This has been a good day.

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