miercuri, 22 august 2012

Anticipation and delight

It's hard to sleep peacefully when you have to be aware of every breath,every movement,every sigh of the night.
As usual,duty comes first and duty makes me more bitter than anything I've ever known-even so,responsibility is a somewhat pleasant side effect.
I've never dreamed I would be so engulfed in a story and so mesmerized by its words!
Waiting and not knowing are two of the hardest things in the world,I kid you not!
This peculiar sinking feeling gets to me sometimes and I can't help but yield in to its most charming delight (though the aftermath is messy and painful and rather atemporal).
How lovely it is to have an echo in the house again!
As they say,you never know what you have until you've lost it,right?
"Routine" is nice,"routine" is welcomed-if it means being with the ones I love,then so be it!
Maybe the nightmares will go away tonight...

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