sâmbătă, 25 august 2012

Busy Saturday bee

List of things I have accomplished today:
  • woke up after a heavenly night of sleep and pretty dreams
  • had a traditional cup of coffee in the company of my furry angels
  • helped dad do some manly work in a very manly way ( 'cause,you know,I'm a manly man at heart )
  • cooked without setting the house on fire (hurray!)
  • managed to somehow not drown in the bathtub (double hurray!)
  • tamed my hair and obtained what my friends call a "squirrel-like" look
  • went out with my dear friend Lizzie for a "fangirl session" and a "no-dogs-allowed" walk
  • freaked out about uni (again)
  • spent my youth on the Internet (with no regrets whatsoever)
As you can see,I am a very organized,dedicated and prolific professional (*ba dum tsss*).Whatever,there's still time to rule the world...Geronimo!

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