luni, 13 august 2012

Tinged day

every shadow has a light
shining through the layers of its heart-
this is how the world works,
a blank canvas awaiting the loving touch
of a blind man...
I slowly drown in the illuminated waters
of life and hope and endless possibilities,
longing and lusting for a breeze
of yellow and black touch...
color has become a trickster
of ever-changing moods-
blue piercing through my eyes' silence,
red's opulence dancing between
people and places,
even green slithering beneath soles
in the middle of a sizzling day...
I am a slave,a fool for a mirage!
how can one carve a story out of every lie
sent by the Sun and laugh
at the tinted words and hued paragraphs? young,my God,so in love
with a fleeting sentiment...
even so,there I am-drenched in orange,
purple and teal,smiling and nodding
at my yet to be finished
imperfect picture...

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