sâmbătă, 11 august 2012

Observing nothingness

my bed is a place of wonders and sleepy ghouls
this morning is like a framed memory:just a cup of coffee,a bunch of cats,my father looking like the man who saved the world
the rain is tender and fresh,a bouquet of water drops and icy air
this cold wind bounces with electricity against my body and transforms the autumn clothes into a cozy retreat
my thoughts wonder like aimless leaves,blurring reality and soothing this threatening feeling that's taking over me
the steaming plate in front of me paints a picture of forgotten childhood and gratitude
these words that hold together the strings of sound make my heart blush and lust and beat like a thousand drums
my written emotions are a treasure of feeble,yet unmeasurable worth
the amount of hot cocoa that I drink is slowly becoming an issue for my summer nights
these green apples remind me of fairy tales
my merciless back is a conscious creature and a familiar enemy
this life is sometimes OK

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