joi, 2 august 2012

Summer changes

I release myself from the bounds
of pain,of sorrow,of meaningless regret.
the darkness can no longer
surround me
because I am light and sound and laughter.
I send my worries into the summer sun
and purify my body
in the sacred water
that springs from nature's womb.
sweetness engulfs unborn tears
in a swirl of leaves and fruits and kisses:
if only I could cradle my soul
beyond Heaven's gates...
I close my eyes and I close my mind
when floods of blackened thoughts
threaten to strike down
the golden ivy fence
which embraces this fall
into serenity:
it is not disappointment I fear,but wrath...
fire can no longer
burn my skin
because this is a hurricane and a prayer:
I sacrifice myself on the altar
of divine surrender.

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