sâmbătă, 18 august 2012

Losing track

Days like this one right here make me believe that maybe,just maybe,time doesn't control everything.Love has always been the same.So has hatred,so has pain.But the shapes they come in and the masks they wear shift according to an evolutionary process of proportions I cannot even fathom in my brain.The pages I go through with shaking fingers and burning eyes stand testimony to this truth.The words which melt into cursive songs whisper the same truth.The people we capture into immortal signs of blessed youth stand as proof.They have no age,they know no death.
...I do,I will and I am afraid I won't mean a thing-unless...Isn't it what we all dream of?A purpose,an everlasting voice,eternity...It sometimes appears to be one gruesome joke from above.Nevertheless,we rise,we help,we strive and we thrive.Insecurities and all.We occasionally turn a wrong into a right and the world starts making sense once more.At this point,time melts and every clock goes numb-it doesn't matter,nothing matters anymore.
A haze,a dream,a timeless purpose...

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