luni, 27 august 2012

Lost tapes and fluffy blankets

Beautiful dreams make up for ugly nights.This is my youth,this is my pride!A handful of blue words and crafted emotions,all spread out on sheets of strange perfume.Not quite what I've been dreaming about in the past,when I still believed in...It doesn't matter.I won't stop!I'll sing my songs and I'll raise my voice and I'll make my life an important one!This doesn't mean I have to conquer the world-oh,no!My bedroom,a tormented soul and the company of a beloved one would more than suffice.You see,I've built myself to be contempt,yet to always be craving for a little bit more.Better eyes,better lyrics,better core...It's never easy,it's never dull.With time moving as fast as it does,I rarely see my existence as my own anymore.But when I do,it's all an explosion of marvel and excitement and great things to come.If my mind can conjure it,then my body will most definitely have to materialize it!Beautiful dreams really do make up for ugly nights.

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