joi, 16 august 2012

Pretty faces and TARDIS blue

Things that made me happy today:
  • the fact that I slept like a baby
  • my morning coffee,steaming,dreamy and foreshadowing beautiful events
  • those fluffy balls of excitement and wonder known as my cats
  • an overwhelming sensation of laziness,greeted with both reluctance and joy
  • remembering that the small things in life make it all worth it and that the big ones only add to the "pile of good things"
  • painting my nails TARDIS blue
  • realizing that change is good and inevitable at some point (in time and space)
  • meeting up with the gorgeous girls who made my high school experience a truly awesome one and understanding how much I'm really going to miss their pretty faces and brilliant minds
  • listening to music not only with my ears,but with my entire body
  • my never-ending supply of green apples
  • focusing on the things that make me happy,rather than letting the ones which make me miserable take over

All in all,good day,man!Good day.

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