marți, 28 august 2012

Blindfolded revelation

let's pretend the night's a sea of widowed dreams,
all black and deceitful and hungry for a saving ship.
let's pretend the light's a friendly gift from the gods,
a balm of yellow substance and tangerine core.
let's pretend I'm all grown up now,
wanting to create and fearful of the fall.
let's pretend this worn out circle is our sole treasure,
which we hate to admit,but love to remember.
let's pretend this moment is of divine origin,
with nature flowing towards my broken dignity.
let's pretend I can handle whatever life throws at me,
be it the smile of a stranger or my chest disintegrating.
let's pretend that time and death do not exist
and that the Universe is a blend of wonders and amethyst.
let's pretend my youth is just a fleeting game,
one I could recalibrate and somehow start again.
let's pretend we're real and infinite and blessed,
so that my dreams won't haunt me like ravenous beasts again.
let's pretend.

2 comentarii:

Ada spunea...

i want to write this poem down and keep it in my pocket, it's so beautiful

Adriana spunea...

you're too kind,love >:D<