joi, 23 august 2012

From bad to good

Waking up with a headache the size of Mars isn't the best way to start out the day.Using it as an excuse to screw up breakfast isn't one either...Alas,what is my life?It's hot like Hell outside,my cats appear to have lost their fluffy minds and this weird nail polish is really starting to get on my nerves.Oh,and I'm feeling like a lazy cookie again!Ugh!What to do,what to do?
Well,"take a sad song and make it better",what else could one do?For example,have a cup of coffee- boom! two hours of complete happiness.A good book and putting things into perspective also help.And,when all else fails,go out with your good friends.Seriously,a few beers and a strong dose of talking do the trick all the time!Also,they remind you of the things you actually have and the fact that you need to cherish them (before it's too late).Isn't the past funny,though?How it comes back not to haunt,but to teach an old lesson.
Man,how I love these smoky nights!

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