miercuri, 15 august 2012

Mary has a little life...

Mary has a little back
which hurts like Hell when she wakes up-
but that isn't the point today
because,wouldn't you know it,
it's her name day!
Mary has a little brain
that sobs into her coffee and flails
when fictional characters come this way-
fret not,little Mary,it's all fun and games!
(until you find out you can't even breathe anymore
because your heart can't handle the pain!)
Mary has a little flaw
which makes her occasionally lazy and dull-
but aren't we all every so often
like a mindless self indulgent sloth?
Mary has a little fear
that makes her shy away from people-
but she's working on it really hard,
so cut her some slack and shut the f* up!
(I'm talking to you,sassy voices in the head!)
Mary has a little family
for which she'd give anything to see happy all the time-
and,when serenity does arrive,Mary knows she has
everything she needs right here,right now.
Mary has a little life
of which she's proud and which she'll love till death
do them part.

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