vineri, 31 august 2012

Mending light and twisted shadows

Life is rather simple,I guess.You need air and food and water to survive,a shelter and a purpose to live,love to give meaning to it all.And you need them in this order specifically.Who's ever been able to properly grasp philosophy on an empty stomach anyway?
Thankfully,the Heavens have been kind to me-I now have enough to keep me going,but less than it would suffice for me to stop craving for more.Though this might not be the best way to put it,I'm proud.I'm proud of myself for trying to work with what I've been given,in the hope of achieving a better outcome.Somewhere along the road,my eyes have been cleansed and my mind has been opened-call it a variation of baptism,if you will.And I'm not ashamed to admit that I draw my energy and happiness from things and events that others may regard as childish,even excessively mundane.
Even so,I'm grateful for a good night's sleep.I'm seeing a privilege in the same morning routine of coffee,cats and sun-filled skies,not a granted thing.I can't imagine a more bonding activity than reading a book beside my brother,with nature pleasantly surrounding us.There is no greater feeling in the world than knowing that everyone you care about is safe and sound in this apparently swallowing pattern.
How easily could this empire burn to the ground!How undisturbed would the Universe carry on its progression,while your entire reality crumbles at your feet!
I'd rather not think about such scenarios,though I often find myself doing the exact opposite.That's when a concoction of panic and pain takes over,that's when it all goes to Hell.No matter how many tears I shed or how many prayers I say,it won't go away-the crippling sensation of helplessness.
The nightmares then start creeping in,with the full moon as their silent witness.
Here we go again...

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