vineri, 24 august 2012

Swollen lips

these dreams are hurting me,pumping
through bruised veins and
swollen lips without mercy-
drowsy mornings have never felt
so wrong,my love...
something's missing from this picture,
events have been left undone
and I'm in desperate need
of a heated touch...
the walls are a stark white,
why so?to push this fiery need above
and beyond the crimson seams
of sin?
I have built too many obscure realities
for this to be a sane thing-
as if living in your head
instead of your body
has ever been as satisfying
as a burning kiss...
past memories and present friends,save me
from my own cravings!
let's get drunk!
let's smoke the night away!
let's talk about things that are forbidden!
make me forget about these swollen lips
and my broken ego...

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