duminică, 25 august 2013


I'm surrounded by beasts.
They're in my dreams,hairy and breathing hot against my neck when the night decides to swallow us.
They're beneath my sheets,full of sweat and dust and images with no final chapter.
They're in my mouth,tumbling along caged words and forgotten promises.
They're on top of my legs,fluffy and giddy and eager to show their tiny claws in a make-believe hunt.
They're around me,disguised as ordinary people with ordinary flaws.
They're in time,haunting the past,testing the present and threatening the future.
They're in blurry moments,when they take advantage of lost boys and silly girls.
They're in the persons I've never met,making me believe in stories I wish could be real.
They're inside a black box,feeding a red hunger that contaminates the mind beyond relief.
They're in my skull,chanting disgraceful songs about happiness.
They're in the silence before sleep,where they breed and laugh maniacally.
They're everywhere.
I'm a beast.

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