marți, 13 august 2013

I've got my hands full!

I'll just keep pushing my body into either exhaustion or utter laziness-whichever comes first,anyhow.
Since my days are never balanced,that's like swaying between slavery and Eden's grasp.
I do love being a bit overwhelmed by it all:hands full,muscles on the verge of tearing,voice almost pitched from verbal action.
On the other hand,I love having absolutely nothing to do:body tingling from summer heat,ears at the mercy of earthly angels,voice like a raspy murmur at the back of my throat.
It's never an equal marriage though,be it per days or per hours.A daunting task will be followed by Adam's kiss and vice versa.I'm never quite an unsung hero,yet never a tacit villain either.
If I were somebody else,I'd probably hate myself for doing this to myself.
Movement keeps me sane,while idleness pushes me into thinking about locked things.If I could just part this shaky path down the middle...
I'll just keep pushing myself into one direction or another until I find some peace of mind.

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