vineri, 9 august 2013

Blending halves

I'm done.
I can't do this anymore.I'm done trying to keep alive a peace you all want to trade for war.
My heart is full of love and eagerness and joy at the sight of a complete family,yet you silently decide to poison it with indirect afflictions.
Why do I even try?Why do I expect an ounce of balance under this roof when I know the slightest spark may trigger a full-blown explosion?
Dear God,I'm such a damned fool!
But I try,I always do.I bite my tongue and stomp on my pride because life's a bitch and you never know when...
I can't tell happiness from misery anymore because they're together all the time:blending,churning,consuming the very last drop of sanity I have left in this brittle head of mine...
The worst part is I can't ever let go,not even when I'm watching a movie or trying to fall asleep.
That's the thing with reality:it's in a permanent state of "right in your face".
I don't know how many foreign wrongs I can mend anymore...

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