vineri, 30 august 2013

Cold sunshine

Sleep is seeping through my bones and making my marrow bitter.
I just can't seem to get my coffee right these days!
I think we must have really upset Heaven if the angels are weeping such cold tears this morning.
I'm escaping from reality through other people's stories and there's nothing you can do to stop me.
Laziness and cooking don't make a pretty pair,but my hands need to create, no matter what my thick skull drowsily commands.
My love for green apples will end up in me fainting,I can assure you of that.
The sun already has that fall shiver to it,though I should be grateful I've seen its blinding glow today.
Dearest friend,your voice is a balm and your words make me honestly happy!
The garden is preparing for a new season:rusty orange,fading green,lush brown.
The tears on my face are not born out of fear of the past,but of joy for my present.
Chamomile tea is my best friend in the night.
I push myself because I have nothing to lose.
One more chapter before bedtime.
One more...

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