joi, 22 august 2013

Eye to eye

Yes,I need glasses.
Turns out all these years of clutching to books and indulging in movies/TV shows by the dozen didn't really give my eyesight the "royal treatment".
Though my normal vision is apparently at 112% (I suspect the doctor was lying because,c'mon,we're talking about me right here!),I have what he called "intellectual myopia".Which sounds pretty fancy and flattering (to be honest),but it could seriously turn round and bite me in the ass along the line.
So I have to be a little more careful now.Translation:"this is going to be Hell because I like to be reckless when it comes to myself in a truly masochistic way".
But I don't mind wearing glasses-I have been told I look like a "pervy teacher" with a pair on,so there's a perk to my not so pending visual doom right there!
Truth be told,it was kinda scary to be warned I'm damaging myself,especially when I know I rely on my sight so much.My senses are a major part of who I am as an artist and as a plain person,meaning I need to mellow the recklessness a bit.
This being said,see you later,alligator!
(Aaan the award for Worst Joke of the Year goes to yours truly.)

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