joi, 8 august 2013

Just the two of us

Me and my brother,we're a weird lot.
I mean,one minute we're getting along just fine,the next we're fighting like a pair of senile nuns.
It's easier though when it's just the two of us because there's nobody else to take sides or whatnot.
If we're in the same mood,that's jackpot right there:childish,serious,lazy,hungry and so on.But if we're not,then God help us all!
Though I'm willing to ignore some things and just count to 10 till I let go of whatever is bothering me,there are times when I act like I'm 7 and,well,you get the idea.
I love him more than I love myself,even if I don't always show it.I can be a mother and a sister and a friend...and still smack him over the head if he's being a little brat.
Between taking care of the household while we're "alone together" and managing this heat,I'm truly jumpy and exhausted.
I wouldn't have it any other way...

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