sâmbătă, 24 august 2013

Faceless half

My back was moaning from an imaginary wind's touch.The sheets were piling up beneath me,tired of so many twists and turns.A night bathed in the full moon's aura.Eyelids shut,breathing hot.Realities split and separated like water from oil.And you...
You were wonderfully surreal,golden hair and a face that kept eluding me.A familiar street,playful black puppy,small talk.It felt so real,like only dreams can sometimes be.
Brushed kisses,silly giggles,persistent signs of a cold.My insides became fuzzy and I was falling in love beyond the darkness.
Everything is a bit blurry now,but the tingling in my fingertips is somehow still present.
I was lying on my back on the pavement alongside someone who felt like my best friend when it started snowing:lush snowflakes against a washed up mustard sky.I thought of happiness.I became happiness.But then I had to wake up.
The first word that came to my mental lips was "compact" and I tried holding on to all the pieces,only to have very few in my memory's palms.
With the sunlight blazing now,I can only wish that my faceless half is more tangible than a dream somewhere in the world.

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