vineri, 16 august 2013

Lana and Jim

Grumpy awakening.
Breakfast made by daddy.
The feeling of an empty house.
Utterly lazy bones.
Aquatic change of view.
Still orange-y hair.
Fluffy kitten bellies in my bed.
Songs that I wish I could sing without shame.
Tales about the future from the past-beautiful irony,isn't it?
Organic lunch and a glimpse of regret.
How did I end up watching this Russian soap opera anyway?
Stupid,silly,curly hair.
Being extremely self-conscious doesn't help waiting in the middle of town,with everyone's eyes aimed at you.
Our Lana Del Rey and Jim Morrison T-shirts would make gorgeous babies,honey.
Words in the park.
Brewing storm above and talented sketches in hands.
I've never been more of a mess in my entire life,yet a nice coffee and a good friend manage to soften the ache inside.
Supermarket adventure for two.
There will come a day when I won't feel awkward anymore.
Black adrenaline.
Space stories.
What a day...

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