joi, 29 august 2013

The Not-So-Great Deluge

I take my words back-I want summer to stay with all its hellish glory.Anything but this soggy,cold and sudden display of autumn "charm".
I'm wearing winter clothes and longing for tea and wondering whether now is the right time to learn how to swim at last.
I'm wasting time and space,but I don't seem to care that much.
Why do certain songs remind me of funerals?Jesus...
I scream so much on the inside that I probably wouldn't be able to conjure a whimper if it really came down to it.
These damp days are forcing my obsessions and I really shouldn't be falling for people I can't have anymore.
My comfort lies in a show about pies and in the belief that somewhere,in a distant and parallel Universe,things are going my way.
As an Aquarius,I demand that this rainy tantrum stop!
I wish I could live in a fantasy world,but even those are flawed.
I'm going to drown either in this depressing water or my misery,whichever gets to me first.
I take my words back-I want summer to stay with all its carelessness,sunshine and bliss.

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