vineri, 23 august 2013

"Blood is thicker than water"

I think we all know the saying "blood is thicker than water",meaning that the biological bond established between one and one's family should prevail over other kinds of human relations.Well,the irony of this half-truth surpasses laughter and falls right into damn tragedy.
Apparently,the whole thing goes somewhere along the lines of "the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb".Which is basically the most sophisticated "fuck you" I've ever come across in my entire life.
Even so,it got me thinking about life's enormous complexity,which,in its turn,"honored" me with an enormous headache.This and the fact that,upon returning from a pleasant night out with the girls,I found my folks arguing like a pair of stubborn five-year-olds and all I wanted to do is beat the everloving immaturity out of them (because words don't work anymore for their hollow skulls).
Anyway-how do you fix a family that sometimes doesn't look like a family anymore?I mean,I understand how I could be "incompatible" with my parents-yes,they made my body,but my soul is mine and mine to keep.But what about the two of them?Was a union not their choice?I surely don't remember mom being sold for three goats and a pot of gold,so what's the deal then?
Is anything built to last anymore,be it blood or water?My first answer is a clear-cut "no",which scares me more than I'd like to admit.We're just so volatile and changeable and selfish that few things ever escape unharmed from our destructive patterns.
And so,I'm left to contemplate the sheer pointlessness of my actions.I'm trying to build a golden castle out of glitter for people who want to live in the mud.
And it pains me,it pains me to see how the only thing I truly care about in this godforsaken world is slowly,but surely,falling apart.It's like having a huge chunk of your identity just washed away by a nameless sea.
I'm angry and I'm sad and I'm starting to believe that me being born wasn't the Universe's plan after all.

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