marți, 27 august 2013

Shorts and fluffy socks

It's hard for me to "rise and shine" when I'm covered in three tons of blankets and the sun is nowhere in sight.
I'm never giving up coffee,that's for sure!
I've been sharing my room with a sneaky cockroach for the past two days and solely the thought of it all makes my skin crawl.
Autumn is here early,which means I have an excuse to drink tea all the time,the rain just won't leave us be and I'm sporting shorts with fluffy socks.
I've been wondering what it would be like to be a bear lately and I guess that pretty much shows my level of sanity at this point.
These cats have become as needy and clingy as their human mother.
Damn you,Lee Pace-damn you and your perfect existence to Hell!
It would be a wise thing for mom to stop cooking so well/much.
This black hole inside my stomach is really scaring me.
For an artist,I sure don't make a lot of art...
Reading before sleep is putting these red glasses to good use.
Change is definitely coming.

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