duminică, 11 august 2013

Glamorous illusion

That's no way to live.
Champagne,blinding lights,cackling beads,sensuous and hollow voices.
That's a lie.
A marvelous,beautiful,perfect lie that I'd love to be able to bathe in for the rest of my days.But I can't.Not with this body,not with this mind.
Because glistening surroundings don't make your breaths steadier.Because fashionable clothes don't make you feel more of a person.Because denying reality doesn't make you saner or better.And not even all the liquor in the world can change that...
It's wonderful,though.It's like a golden bubble where nothing can ever hurt you.You're allowed to be a beautiful fool because that's what's expected of you.Only I'm neither...
And the green light fades away,giving way to a neon burst of tangible accuracy.The show is over-literally.
I'm stuck with a peculiar taste at the back of my mouth-both sour and sweet-and a collapsing song in the middle of my skull.It's all a glamorous illusion,that's all that it is...

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