joi, 6 februarie 2014

Bad air

Good news:I'm still alive,that headache hasn't killed me yet (though it's still persisting).Bad news:life still sucks monkey balls.
This silly and obnoxious fight was the last thing I needed before tomorrow's English exam.It's tiresome to handle all that heavy silence and all those meaningful sighs and all that childish display of...I don't know what.This air has become bad and it's smothering me.
I get it-nobody's perfect-but that doesn't mean you can't try and censor yourself,filter things twice...once in a while.I try-I don't know how much I succeed,but I try to bother as little as possible and let the other be.Well,maybe I was too permissive,because I was taken to be a fool,apparently.I'm almost laughing,to be honest!
All I want to do is be home and forget about people entirely-at least about the ones who insist on making my life a living Hell.But I have one last exam on Monday and a book to handle tomorrow and the odds are not in my favor,friends...
Luckily for me,the room was pretty much empty today,so I managed to cram in some information.Though I am tired (I'll go as far as to say I've become mentally and spiritually exhausted),I will not yield.I will stand my ground.
What you are witnessing,dears,is me becoming the bitch I should have been from the start...

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