vineri, 28 februarie 2014

Reward of the patient

In one way or another,college has reduced me to a (somewhat) polite animal.
I try not to groan (too much) when waking up early in the morning.Coffee and food are the only things keeping me going.I try not to hiss (with sarcasm) when teachers make me want to throw myself out the window.My screaming reduces to an internal and concealed version of itself when seeing a "gorgeous creature of the Lord".I try to form social ties by giving my friends candy and bullying them all the time.My energy levels are at an all time low around noon,when I start running out of sustenance (crackers).When a course becomes too boring,self-preservation kicks in by means of daydreaming.When "escaping" college,the opportunity of a feast (provided by my local supermarket) is not to be denied.Being alone on a Friday night means that I can eat how I want,when I want and how much I want to,provided I don't let my tears soak up the bread.With a full tummy and empty tear ducts,I can enjoy the miracle of virtual information (cat videos and music).
Though I'd rather be at home right now,tomorrow is only a night away.I will be patient.
I've become a polite animal...more or less... 

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