luni, 24 februarie 2014


There's no chance of me surviving this new academic semester.No way,no how.
This was my first official day back and it felt more like drowning while wanting to sleep,all at the same time.There is too much stuff to be done,there are absolutely too many demands and,as usual,there is not much time at hand.
People are so cocky and jumpy,though!As if my life revolved around accomplishing petty tasks that honestly make me want to pop my eyes out of my sockets.Unfortunately,by doing all that it asked of me,I wouldn't even have the energy to do that...
I know I willingly signed in for this "Faculty of Letters" thing,but I don't think it's physically possible to read that many books in one week.I'd need an extra pair of eyes and brain and the lot-I'd need a twin.But would she/he be so stupid as to join me here?I think not.
So I remain alone,imaginary twin or not,to battle paper-dragons and course-ghouls.I'm so drained of energy right now,you couldn't get me to run for my own life.Why would I,anyway?Don't answer that...
Tomorrow doesn't look brighter either,so I'll just have to pray and hope my mind and body won't fail me.But wishful thinking never did get me that far...

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