marți, 25 februarie 2014

Slow it down!

what I need right now is
for my alarm clock to shut the fuck up
and the subway to be less nauseating
and for this building to be less gloomy
and this teacher to go away
and for my life not to be wasted
and my friends to never leave me
and for the neon lights to stop stinging
and that woman to speak more slowly
and for my hand not to let go of the pen
and to stop feeling exhausted
and for winter to go away
and this room to smell better
and for this silence to dissipate
and my bones to stop crackling
and for the clocks to slow it down
and my eyes to see more
and for this bed to stop being awful
and people to forget how to be mean
and for books to be shorter
and boys to be nicer
and for the week to be over
and my place at the home table to be filled
and for the world to cease running
and my stomach to stop wanting,
this is what I need right now

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