marți, 18 februarie 2014

Little adult

Not to brag or anything,but I really did feel like an adult today and a little bit more confident than usual.
Owing to that "domestic brawl" from a couple of days ago,I'm now in need of something to put my food in,right?So,with the help of my brother (and the magical place called "the Internet"),I found a local electronics store that had a (cheap) mini-bar/mini-fridge/whatever.
Though my uncle helped me with the moving around part,I handled the whole deal,which made me realize that 1. I really need to get my driver's license this summer and 2. I am a capable human being,who knew?I understand it sounds kind of pathetic,but I'm content with small steps.
Anyway,I've named it "Bubu" and (apparently) it purrs like I kitten.What I need it to do is freeze like a penguin,,but we'll get to that too...eventually.
The main idea I drew from today is that I can do things just right if I put my mind to it and,though I have the same face I had when I was 12,people do take me seriously if I demand that from them.
Of course,I wasted the rest of the afternoon sprawled beneath same comfy blankets,but being a grown up is demanding,give a girl a break here...
Unfortunately,this whole deal means a huge hole in my tattoo budget,but I'll make it right,I always do.
I guess listening to Beyoncé paid off now...

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