vineri, 14 februarie 2014

"Galentine's" Day

Honest to God,I cannot physically drag myself out of bed until 10 a.m.,it's ridiculous!
Having my morning coffee here is like having a nice wish come to life.
I don't mind being a big sister-actually,there are days such as this one when I wouldn't have it any other way.
Cats are giddy and disobedient and fluffy beyond control,I want 100.
Curly hair may seem like a blessing-until it's actually yours to keep and take care of.
It's lovely having friends with whom you can talk about all the crap that's been going on in your life,rant about college,roam the city streets,take pictures in the park and just laugh your sorrows away.
This February sun is being kinder than I thought it would be towards us.
I'm surrounded by witty redheads and breathtaking artists and it's amazing.
Wouldn't you know it:this "Galentine's" Day (as in "Gals",d'uh!),I got candy (for my birthday,that is,owing to the fact that,well,college life is sucky that way);nonetheless, it was awfully nice and orange-y.
I've started drinking coffee in my "mustache" mug and,let me tell you,it has never tasted wiser and more posh.
Sadly,I wasn't able to continue my tradition of watching "Pride and Prejudice" for the millionth time on this day because I'm lazy like that.
To love or not to love-unfortunately,that isn't a question anymore...

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