miercuri, 19 februarie 2014

Red fingers

Never deny your body as many hours of sleep as it demands-even if you're left with aching bones and a bad temper.
Never force breakfast and never skip your morning coffee-you'll regret it when you're 50,but you're not that confident about reaching 50 either.
Never tell the people you love mean things,even if you're somehow right or not.
Never apologize for being in a bad mood.
Never consider you've taken enough bags when going shopping-you haven't,I can assure you of that.
Never shy away from yelling at small children who have no idea how to properly play with snow.
Never let your grandma trick you into going out.
Never follow the urge to slap random and impolite strangers on the street.
Never tell yourself "I have too many carrots at home".
Never get angry at people because of their age,issues or quirks.
Never buy so much stuff that you have to keep telling yourself that "Pain is only temporary" on the way home .
Never blame red fingers.
Never let a cursed headache ruin your afternoon,no matter how bloody much it tries to do so.
Never refuse a friend because there are moments you can never make again.
Never deny yourself an impromptu karaoke session,even if you're the only one singing.
Never tell yourself you're too old to be happy about small things.
Never say "never" because it usually maddens the Universe.

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