vineri, 7 februarie 2014

Tumultuous Universe

I do believe the Universe has a way of "arranging" things somehow,I really do,but today was...surreal.And I don't know if in a good,bad or ambiguous way.
First of all,English exam in the morning-boo!,scary,I know.I think I did alright on the written part and my oral examination went just fine (receiving a "Brilliant!" at the end of it just warmed my heart!).After this,I had some stuff to do with a lovely friend,so we walked (a lot!) and chatted about pets and it was awesome.But,considering my sometimes crappy existence,something had to go haywire.
As I get to my dorm room,I notice a "cleaning action" going on.The silence continues,I put my stuff in order,the deal.It's only that some people show their true colors when they can't use you anymore-and that's the story of how I ended up with my food on the table to go bad because I'm not worth "the favor" anymore.
What should I do now,huh?"Proclaim" my drapes,my tablecloth,my broom and so on?Please,I'm not that low.
What bothers me most is that 1.she did this to do me harm and I can't understand why you would even do that in the first place and 2. I really can't take back all my "college help",which leaves me feeling a bit abused,honestly.See what I mean?!
The Universe is going through some rough times,I presume.Me?I'm fine.I'm always fine because the only way in which someone can harm you is if you let them.I'll "survive" and smile at the end-warm pickles and all!

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